TCM Gua Sha Facial Therapy


BBI – Gua Sha special technique used in TCM treatment to stimulate nerves, improve blood circulation and cell activities to
improves on the overall health and skin’s immunity.


Various Lymphatic Drainage routes:

Targeting on different skin problem.

  • Release of Accumulated toxin in the lymphatic duct
  • Guasha technique to detoxification and achieve stimulation of cell renewal and increase in metabolism.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to have totality of Skin’s immunity & rejuvenation.


Floral Aroma:

Customization of flora acid to cater for different skin’s needs and vitality of flower essence to revive & relaxation of skin.

Pure Vitamins of various flora to target on skin’s issues:

  • Rose Vitamin A – Whitening & Booster
  • Rose Vitamin E – Stimulate Elastin & Collagen
  • Tea Tree – Anti-bacterial & Germicidal effect
  • Lavender – Hydration & Soothing


Manual lifting with Gua Sha Hands-work:

Pure Vitamins of various flora to target on skin’s issues:

  • Unique drainage routes – Detoxification
  • Instant radiance – Whitening
  • Stimulation of elastin boosting – Anti- Aging

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