Cryo Stamp


Cryo Stamp is based on Cryo-electrophoresis, implemented Combination therapy that potentially useable coupled with Cryo
Stamp, Hot Therapy, Ionto-phoresis/Micro-Current (Electric Medium/Low Frequency Therapy and hot/cold electrical stimulation).


Cryo Stamp – Reconstruction & Penetration
  • Helps to increase absorption of any solution into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • 500 times more effective in delivering treatment transdermally.
  • Used with any solution such as treatment serums to treat skin hydration, rejuvenation, whitening, pigmentation, hair loss and many more.
  • Convenience, comfort, no trauma (needle) and very effective absorption to that specific areas.


Two pulse form modes
  • MC – Micro Current
    Applies the micro-current to the human body and helps the ionized solution to be absorbed well into the skin (max. current: 100uA).
  • LF – Low Frequency/Medium Frequency
    Performs the function to help the ionized solution to be absorbed well into the skin by applying the pulse modulated low-voltage (max. voltage: 5-volt) to the human body, promote and improve face muscle tissue.