Needle Sponge Powder Facial – 75 mins


Needle sponge powder is an excellent solution to overcome these modern skin conditions – think of hectic lifestyle and increased pollution. Combining nine potent ingredients, this powder is the answer to calm and heal the skin to achieve sustained results.
  1. Spirulina – Moisturize skin
  2. Fenugreenk – Soothe and promote blood circulation
  3. Marigold – Treat erythema, acne and oily skin
  4. Equisetum Arvense – Enhance skin cells’ renewal process and promote collagen synthesis
  5. Hollyhock – Moisturize and hydrate skin
  6. Hamamelis Virginiana – Fight against UVA and UVB effectively
  7. Plantago Lanceolata – Anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation
  8. Melissa Officinalis – Soothe irritated skin, exert anti-bacteria and sterilized functions
  9. Salvia Offcinalis – Anti-inflammation and reduce swelling


Tapping on the rich botanical strengths of nine carefully selected key ingredients, needle sponge powder includes the abrasive quality of Equisetum arvense, commonly known as field horsetail. This creates a tinkling experience as the powder is massaged gently on well cleansed skin. Rich in silicon and potassium, Equisetum arvense also smooths the skin, as spirulina with its moisturising quality, leaves skin supple and improves elasticity thus reducing the visibility of lines.Sensitive skin benefits from the magical anti-inflammatory quality of Salvia as it calms the skin. In days of old, this ingredient was used to relieve women with hot flushes. Fenugreek promotes blood circulation to improve skin metabolism which in turn, stimulates collagen production, resulting in a plump up and lifted skin.


Treatment Benefits:
  • Lifting of loose double chin
  • Lightening and brightening
  • Reducing acne formation and redness

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