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About Us


For HIM Men’s Spa is a subsidiary of Beyond Beauty International Pte Ltd. For HIM is a dedicated one-stop hub for modern men, providing quality
service in face care, body slimming, and spa.


In this fast paced and highly stressful society, For Him endeavors to educate men on the importance of their total well being. Often in the pursuit of
wealth and fame, most men tend to overlook the utmost important aspect of their life – Health. At For HIM, in addition to providing the most effective
solutions to treat skin problems and enhancing physical look, we provide an avenue for mental relaxation. Our high technology treatments and
pampering spa will indulge your senses, making you look good and feel good from top to toe.



To be the market leader in educating men on the importance of looking and feeling good from inside out.


Our People
Service excellence with a personal touch is our motto. Our staff are dedicated to provide you with a totally relaxed and wholesome experience every
time you step into our premises. You can always expect personal attention and feel at ease with our friendly staff. Our consultants, beauticians and
therapists are qualified professionals who are well trained in our products as well as treatment skills and knowledge. They are able to customize
programmes that tailor to individual’s needs. Any man can feel free to step in for a non-obligatory consultation.


Our Commitment
We are committed to constantly adapt the latest revolutionary method that will enhance our customers’ appearance and health, thus helping them to
achieve a wholesome feeling and total well being. We delight when our customers look radiant and feel confident – achieve total satisfaction.